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Track your order

¡Very soon what you expect is coming!


Identify the guide number we grant you (the guide number will be delivered as soon as the merchandise is shipped to its destination).


Select the freight that corresponds to you and enter the guide number on your website.

Here below you can select the freight that corresponds to your guide number.

fletera Guadalajara Mérida
Fletera tres guerras
fletera Cuauhtemoc
Fletera Julián de obregón
transportes unidos de tepa


The customer will be responsible for tracking.

In case you do not receive complete merchandise indicated on the invoice, please make the entry and send it to us as soon as possible.

The shipping cost is paid by Dulces Kalú. In case of receiving the freight receivable, it will be necessary to pay it and Dulces Kalú will make a credit note in favor of the client, this will be taken into account for your next order.